documentary videos


An audio slideshow narrated by Shirin Galal, a Saudi-Arabian born, Eqyptian raised college freshman at the University of Miami. She considers herself first and foremost an Arab-American and is in the last phase of the citizenship process before getting her American passport.

Produced and Edited by Katie Sikora


As substance abuse has become a more visible aspect of our culture through the media, our society has experienced a drastic desensitization to images of drug use, alcohol abuse, etc. For entertainment sources, like television, motion pictures, as well as theatrical productions, to be truly entertaining in this generation, they must depict plots and situations more shocking and jarring than ever before. Students in the University of Miami Theatre Department show how this desensitization has changed not only what we see on stage, but also how the work and research an actor does to bring a character to life has evolved to live up to these new entertainment standards.

Produced and Edited by Katie Sikora
Production Assistance by Jessica Daly


A mini-documentary depicting the environmental success story of the Key deer. From a population count of less than 50 individuals in the 1950s to between 500 and 700 individuals currently, the Key deer, with the help of the local and national government through the National Key Deer Refuge located on Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys, are staging their comeback.

Produced and Edited by Katie Sikora and Marlena Skrobe


An audio slideshow depicting the story of BellyMotions, a belly dance studio in Coral Gables, FL. It is narrated by Portia Lange, an international belly dance performer and the founder of BellyMotions, as well as Caitlin Ray, an instructor at the studio. Both women illustrate how belly dance has affected their lives and how it can be misrepresented in American pop culture.

Produced and Edited by Katie Sikora and Danielle Peloquin